Meet Work Loft

Meet Work Loft

Tell us about your business.  Work Loft is an oasis for independent professionals and remote employees looking for a convivial and focused environment to get their work done. Whether it’s a private desk or a private office, our members enjoy amenities that help them sail through the work day comfortably and successfully (beverages, snacks, amazing wifi, printing, breakout spaces for phone and zoom calls, a wonderful conference room for meetings, and more). Besides offering an amazing environment for a successful and focused work day, we offer members ultimate flexibility with no long term commitments or unpleasant notice periods. We keep it easy and fair – isn’t that how we all want to be treated as valued customers?

What made me want to start your business?  Working from home for 15 years drove me to start Work Loft! At first, working from home was a dream. I could stay in sweatpants all day long, I could walk to the fridge whenever I felt like it, I could do a bit of work then a bit of personal things to break up the day.  Then I realized – I was in sweatpants all day, hanging out at the fridge, and getting distracted by personal things that ended up dragging the work day longer and longer. Soon, my kitchen island became my office….that I never left! It was always there and I was constantly checking mail, putting out fires, helping colleagues. I lost my work/life balance, I never saw anyone else, and it’s really no surprise that the fridge/sweatpants combo led nowhere good.  Realizing how many other people there were like me in Marblehead, I started looking for a great location.  It had to be in the heart of town, surrounded by other businesses that people wanted to visit during the day, with a good vibe and plenty of parking. When the building at 1 Spring Street (across from Starbucks!) became available, I jumped on it. 

What do you love most about Marblehead?  The village lifestyle. I’d been living in Europe for fifteen years before coming ‘back’ to New England. When shopping for our new home town, I insisted on a location where I could walk to almost everything. That combined with the beautiful quaintness of the homes, historical buildings and small footprint drew us to Marblehead. Ten years later, and we’re still loving it. The people we’ve met, the connections we’ve formed with the town, have all made Marblehead our longest ever stay in one place. 

What hobbies/interests do you have?  Food and travel. And I love combining these – eating like a local wherever we go is an important part of experiencing the spirit of a place. 

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Meet Hound Around, LLC: An Interview with Hannah Alvarez Dobrusin

Meet Hound Around, LLC: An Interview with Hannah Alvarez Dobrusin

Tell us about your Hound Around, LLC.  Hound Around, LLC provides an assortment of things for your dog. We offer in-home overnight pet care, daily walks as needed, and our Hound Crew Doggy Day Trips, which are weekday hikes at various locations on the North Shore. Your dog will have the opportunity to make friends, learn to walk in a cohesive group, and achieve excellent health with good exercise. We are happy to also announce the newest addition to our business, our Hound Around Doggy Bags which are a monthly subscription bag that include a variety of treats, toys and so much more.

What made you decide to start your business? We love dogs! When we were discussing our business, I was completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Salem State University and just walking dogs on the side, and my boyfriend, and now co-owner of Hound Around LLC, was working as a landscaper. We decided to create a business where we could live a healthy lifestyle, do what we enjoy doing most, and provide Doggy Day Trips for our beloved dogs on the North Shore.

What do you love most about Marblehead? I have been blessed to grow up in Marblehead, and I love the peace of the ocean and my close nurturing community. I started out as a babysitter and a dog walker for many families growing up, and so they know me, and my family. This is a solid foundation in which to start a business, I have the respect, kindness and word of mouth from those that know me well. 

What hobbies and interests do you have? I enjoy scrapbooking, networking and problem solving. I love sunshine and beaches. I love traveling; I have had the good fortune to see and learn about Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, Arizona, Virginia, a twenty-day road trip from Northern CA to Southern CA, and Israel. I still have Iceland on the list for my next adventure!

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