Meet Bubble Bar Boston

Meet Bubble Bar Boston

Tell us about Bubble Bar Boston. Bubble Bar Boston is a “Unique Mobile Bar Experience”, a fun and memorable vintage experience from which to enjoy your favorite libations run by myself and my oldest son, Alexander.  When our bar trailer and vintage 1948 Dodge truck roll up to your party in the Boston area, people are going to talk and take pictures. It’s like a magnet. Our Bubble Bar will be the first thing your guests visit and where you will find them all at the end of the event.  From custom curated cocktails, delectable grazing boards, bistro tables, vintage umbrellas, fresh fruit infused waters, and garnishes to die for. We set the scene for a night to remember.

About a year ago, we had an addition to our family, Petunia, our “Bubble Bike”. Petunia is a vintage inspired three wheeled tricycle serving chilled champagne and beer. Perfect for smaller events, more compact spaces or to have indoors.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Follow your heart and your success will follow. Albeit with a tremendous amount of hard work and tenacity.

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead? Without a doubt the rocks by the lighthouse. Looking out across the ocean makes you feel like anything is possible. The ocean certainly soothes the soul.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? When we lived in Malibu, we had access to the 21st Century Fox wardrobe department. I was able to try on all of Rose’s dresses from Titanic and Alexander used to visit and borrow items for all his Halloween costumes.

For More Information:
Bubble Bar Boston
Owners, Maria & Alexander Tilkens

Meet Marblehead All-Sports Boosters

Meet Marblehead All-Sports Boosters

Photo (left to right): Kathy Doody, Lauren Andriano, Muffy Paquette, Mandy Caruso, Kristen Jellison

Tell us about Marblehead All-Sports Boosters. The mission of the Boosters is to support the needs of ALL Marblehead High School’s athletic teams, to enhance and promote athletic achievement and school spirit, provide athletic scholarships for deserving student-athletes, and to contribute to new ideas for athletic success. We bridge the gap between the athletic office and the needs of all the teams. We also provide scholarships to graduating student athletes. 

Who runs the Boosters? The Boosters is run by a group of amazing volunteers of nearly 50 fabulous women! The executive board consists of Muffy Paquette (Outgoing President), Mandy Caruso (Incoming President), Kristen Jellison, Allie Donovan, Lauren Andriano, and Kathy Doody. 

What types of projects have the Boosters worked on? Some of our bigger projects include a state of the art fitness center, new tennis courts, a new snack shed and end zone netting. We also donate things like swim caps, football helmets, volleyballs, etc. Our next mission is to raise the funds needed to replace the turf at Piper field. You can learn more about our projects by watching our “Boosters Through the Years” video at

How can the community of Marblehead become involved or help your mission? The community can help support our initiatives with financial support.  Also, we’re always looking for help staffing the snack shed for athletic events. And of course, all are welcome to join our Boosters team! Please contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected]

What’s up next for the Boosters? This summer we will be kicking off our next big fundraiser. The lifespan of a turf field is typically 10 years and we are currently beyond that at Marblehead High School.. At a price tag of approximately $800,000 our goal is to raise the necessary funds to replace the turf next summer (2024). It’s the biggest project we’ve tackled to date. The turf is used for football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, conditioning and so much more. We’re  confident we can meet our goal  with the support of the generous people in our community. Donations can be made at

For More Information:
Marblehead All-Sports Boosters
[email protected]

Find Antiques, Art & Garden Treasures at TROVE

Find Antiques, Art & Garden Treasures at TROVE

Tell us about TROVE and why you opened the store. I had a long and satisfying career in architecture in my home city of Philadelphia but have always had a passion for art and human-created objects. For me, these items evoke time and place, history, culture, craft, and of course, beauty. I wanted to create a space to share unique and curated pieces somewhere on the east coast. Originally, I thought that place might be Maine, but I couldn’t find a space that fit my needs. A friend recommended I look at the North Shore of Massachusetts. That’s when I found Marblehead, loved it, and bought the building at 96 Washington Street. I spent quite a bit of time renovating the space, then opened TROVE at the end of 2022. In my store, you can buy antiques and garden accents, including beautiful furniture, one-of-a-kind objects, paintings, original art posters, and decorative collectibles.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? The best piece of business advice I received is to follow my own instincts and stay the course with my vision.

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead? Marblehead is the perfect combination of both natural and man-made beauty. As a very visually oriented man, I am drawn to the varied pleasures of seeing hidden paths and corners, beaches and coves, and big view vantage points and historic structures with their gardens.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Folks definitely seem surprised to learn that TROVE is my first such endeavor; that I didn’t move the store from elsewhere and have in fact been practicing architecture all my life until now!

For More Information:
TROVE, Owner Jack Davidson
96 Washington Street, Marblehead

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