Tell us about your Growing Younger Gracefully and why you started it. I’ve always been a curious person, which has led me down some interesting paths in my life. Growing Younger Gracefully was one of those paths. There are two sides of the business – GYG Organic Serums and Yoga for Living with Loss. 

  • GYG Organic Serums started because I wanted to brighten and protect my skin. I was seeking an organic, clean, plant-based, face serum that had no chemicals, no   preservatives, and no corporate oversight. I couldn’t find one so, necessity being the mother of invention, I created my own. I researched essential oils, various other ingredients, experimented on myself, family, and friends, and created what is now my line of organic GYG Organic Face & Body & Eye Serums. Each bottle is handcrafted, blessed, eco-friendly, customized, and produced in Marblehead.
  • Yoga for Living with Loss evolved out of my own losses and my dedicated Yoga practice. I realized that grief is not only in our hearts and minds but also physically impacts our energy centers, the chakras. I started leading Yoga for Living with Loss at Care Dimensions and now offer a Yoga for Living with Loss Video Series, live weekly zoom classes, and private sessions for anyone, which is everyone, who is meeting the challenges of the grieving journey. While grief is universal, one’s own grief is completely personal.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? I have two. The late great Bill Purdin always said, “Every problem is another opportunity to find a creative solution”. The second one is, “Everything is figure-out-able!”

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead, and why? I love walking to Fort Sewall and sitting on one of the benches. The spacious sky, the everchanging harbor, and the variable weather encourages me to find deep calm and abundant gratitude.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? My degree is in Early Education and I was a first grade teacher!

Growing Younger Gracefully
Sheena Nancy Sarles
[email protected] or 617-930-1219


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