Kristen, tell us about Lopenote and why you and Maggie started it. Lopenote started over a fireside chat where Maggie and I talked about the struggles of remembering our friends and families’ birthdays and the challenge of keeping track of all the addresses. We felt we wanted to help people keep connections strong and what better way than to let people know you’ve remembered them on their birthdays. Lopenote enables you to easily remember important dates within your social and family circles and easily send cards with a personal touch. The key feature of being able to upload a personal photo further supports our idea that in this world of personal disconnect due to our busy and sometimes demanding schedules, Lopenote can help to build those connections again.

Share with us the best pieces of business advice you’ve each received. 

  • Kristen: Don’t let your insecurities get in the way when it comes to starting a project or business, just go for it.
  • Maggie: Don’t expect to know exactly what you’re doing from the start. It’s a long journey with many turns and pivots where hard work will lead to success.

 Tell me about your favorite Marblehead spots, and why they are your favorite.

  • Kristen: Preston Beach because it always feels like you’re on vacation. I have a close second favorite, which is the sweet little bar at the Harbor Light Inn.
  • Maggie: Marblehead harbor. There is nothing better than a summer sunset looking out over all the boats in the harbor. Also, I love a great morning pick-up at Plus Café…best breakfast sandwiches in town.

 What is something people would be surprised to learn about each of you? 

  • Kristen: I love getting tattoos.
  • Maggie: When I was born, I was almost 11lbs! My poor mother…

Co-Founders: Kristen Durand and Maggie Svirk


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