What inspires you about running Satori Sailing Marblehead? I’m inspired by the clients we serve. From Marblehead residents and beyond, I’ve met so many fascinating people over the past five years of being in business. It’s a privilege to offer a service that brings people such joy.

What are some of the new classes and offerings you have available this year? For the sailing school, we’re offering more advanced sail training to support clients at all stages of their sailing education. New classes include docking, sail trim and bareboat vacation charter training. Also, our women’s weeknight practice sails are a huge hit. On the charter side, we’re very excited about a new partnership with Sail Beyond Cancer (sailbeyondcancer.org). We’re assisting this wonderful organization to fulfill their mission of offering patients and their family’s opportunities to spend time together while enjoying the beauty of sailing.

What is something new you’ve learned as a business owner this past year? Just when you think you’ve got things a bit figured out, some new challenge arises but it’s best to just stay flexible.  This is why I love the quote, “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails”

What is something you’ve always wanted to do or be a part of (and why) in Marblehead, but haven’t yet? I would love to see Parker’s Boatyard revitalized to provide greater public access to the main harbor during the summer months. There are many of us in town, with a range of experience, who would be excited to volunteer our time. I am hopeful that this will come to fruition eventually.

Satori Sailing Marblehead
Owner: Captain James Ashton


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