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Apr 1st, 8th, 15th & 30th

From Memory to Memoir: Writing the Stories of Your Life

Award-winning Marblehead writer, Julianna Thibodeaux, helps you turn memory into story. In this four-week workshop, as part of the Marblehead Memories Project, you’ll have the opportunity to take a deep dive into your own memories in order to make sense of your unique life journey. You’ll come away with at least one brief memoir and the seedlings of many more. Hosted by the Marblehead Museum and will be held ONLINE.

Apr 1st: 6pm – 8pm

Like the Phoenix, We Rise

Inspired by the mythological symbol of the rising phoenix, this workshop is an artistic meditation on the themes of destruction and creation. Participants will reflect together upon the story’s meaning through a variety of creative modalities, including drawing, coloring, and writing. The experience will also include meditation and the creation of sacred space to allow for open sharing and soulful connection. Participants will leave with an understanding of how they wish to transform and move forward in the face of uncertainty.  Hosted by: Creative Spirit.

April 3rd @ 10am

Online Genealogy Workshop

Learn some tips and tricks to conducting genealogical research at the Marblehead Museum and online using (mostly) free resources. Free event and held online via ZOOM.

April 8th: 6pm – 8pm

Ruminate with Rumi

It’s time to enter the guest house…poet Rumi’s guest house, that is. Once ‘inside’, we will explore the meaning of the healing poem, The Guest House, through a variety of artistic modalities, including simple poetry writing and drawing. The collaborative experience will also include meditation and the creation of sacred space to allow for open sharing and soulful connection.  Participants will leave with an awareness of their current emotions and a renewed sense of hope for positive growth. Hosted by Creative Spirit.

April 10th @ 10am

Online House History Workshop

Learn some tips and tricks to find out more about your historic house using the resources at the Marblehead Museum and online (mostly) free resources. Free event and held online via ZOOM.

Apr 11th @ 11am

The Great Make

Creative Spirit is asking for you to please energetically band together on Saturday, April 11, 2020, 11am (EST), from wherever you are, to create with these loving intentions! By uniting at this time to create, with the same intention, we will cast a powerful healing spell over the globe, kind of like a Harry Potter patronus!  So, prepare and get ready to make magic!

April 15th: 6pm – 8pm

Chakra Coloring & Guidance

Get ready for color, clarity, and artistic freedom! Using our seven energetic chakras as the foundation of this exploration, we will tap the powers of our innate intuition and creativity to glean soulful guidance into who we are, where we are, and where we are headed on life’s path. Using the unique and magical process of clair-coloring (“clear” coloring), participants will create a series of intuitive drawings made using only seven crayons and with eyes closed.  Afterwards, each person’s creations will be examined to assess the guiding messages, as they pertain to the artist’s journey and chakras. Participants will leave with a renewed connection to their inner wisdom and intuitive clarity around their own lives. Hosted by: Creative Spirit.

April 22nd: 6pm – 8pm

Love Notes to Myself

he simple phrase, “put your oxygen mask on first,” is clearly apt for this time of fear, stress, and uncertainty, when our usual daily life has been upended.  This workshop is designed to ignite our creative expression to nourish a Loving relationship with ourselves and fill our oxygen tank to pay it forward. Together we will create multiple Love Notes to use as daily messages for ourselves and others.  Our time together will include sharing inspiring words, drawing, collage, and writing to deepen and expand our capacity to lead with Love in the presence of anxiety. Hosted by: Creative Spirit.

Virtual Services

Church of St. Andrew Services

Virtual service schedule:

  • Morning prayer: video posted each Sunday between 7am and 9am
  • Sunday Gospel reading and sermon: live-streamed Sunday at 10am
  • Wednesday noonday service with music: live-streamed Wednesday at 12pm

Virtual Classes

Online Workouts

Join CrossFit IronSpider Marblehead’s Community Workouts from Home! They are currently hosting online workouts Monday – Friday, 7am EST and Sat. & Sun. 9:30am EST via Zoom. 


Bead Kits

Looking for something creative and fun to do? Check out the bead kits (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) at EOS Designs Studio. Available for free delivery in Marblehead. At checkout click “free in store deliver” and send EOS a message for home delivery. 

Free Video Tutorial

Clever Earrings from Components

Free Video Tutorial from EOS Designs Studio on how to make a simple drop earrings.

Free Video Tutorial

How to Make a Stretch Bracelet

Free Video Tutorial from EOS Designs Studio on how to make a stretch bracelet.

Virtual Class

Virtual Exercise Classes

Exercise from home with Harbor Fitness Studio live on your screen and with equipment found in your home.  $24.99 unlimted per week (7 days, Monday – Sunday).

Virtual Classes

Home Workouts

Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t work out! Join instructors on LEAP Fitness’ Facebook page for workout videos.

Online Learning

Marblehead School of Music

Please email the Marblehead School of Music if you are interested in their new online learning program. The email address is:

Date & Time

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Virtual Gallery

McGuire “Virtual” Gallery

McGuire Gallery has set up work at the gallery to be viewed and purchased completely hands-free! All work exhibited in the windows can be scanned and purchased online using QR codes. With a smart-phone, viewers can scan the QR code to be taken directly to the online gallery page where you can learn more about my artwork and make purchases. While you are out on a walk to get some fresh air, you view (and buy) beautiful art! McGuire Gallery is located at 70 Washington Street. 

Online Classes

Molly’s World Studio

Stay connected and healthy through Molly’s World Studio online classes. Online classes include meditation, stretch, life coaching conversations with Molly, just for teens, deep relaxation, yoga for beginners, midday refresh, and more.

Creative Activity Ideas

Art Activity Ideas

Looking for some fun art projects for you or your kids? Out of the Box Studio is posting great activities to help you get creative.

Virtual Class

Sailing Courses Online

Sail from your sofa! Sail Satori is happy to be offering two free online sailing classes (self-guided) through their new partner NauticEd.

Virtual Class

Yoga Loft Online

The Yoga Loft has adopted a live-stream offering for classes. This will support their studio as well as your favorite instructors so they can keep working hard to inspire all of you.


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