Meet Stone & Compass

Meet Stone & Compass

Tell us about Stone and Compass and why you started it. I started Stone and Compass 13 years ago with $9.00, a dart, a map and a dream to impact people’s lives globally while also staying true to my roots in Marblehead. The company runs adult tours and then reinvests the profit to lower the costs for kids (high school and college students) to travel abroad. While the kids are traveling, they also create and build sustainable projects for local communities and people who are in need. Supported by the Stone & Compass volunteer adult staff, the kids build confidence and capacity to become global-minded change agents inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. This summer we sent over 100 Marblehead youth abroad to 5 different countries. 

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? The best business advice I ever got was to believe in myself and push through adversity. 

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead, and why? Without a doubt, my favorite spot in Marblehead is Browns (Crowninshield) Island. It harkens back to my youth and is still an incredible place to let go and take in the beauty of the area. 

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? That I logged over 1,000,000 miles in the air over the last 21 months. Basically the equivalent of going around the world 40 times. It’s been quite a crazy two years!

Stone & Compass
Founder/President: Robert Goodwin
[email protected]

Volunteering Made Easy with SPUR

Volunteering Made Easy with SPUR

Tell us about SPUR. SPUR is a nonprofit organization that exists to make volunteering easy. Our goal is to connect people on the North Shore with volunteer opportunities that meet a tangible need in our community. SPUR provides volunteer opportunities for any schedule, interest, or skill set; all you need to do is sign up! We have opportunities for volunteers of all ages to volunteer on their own, with their family, or as a group. All our opportunities last less than two hours and none require a commitment. Try any of our volunteer opportunities, just once or sign up as often as you like! We know our volunteers are busy, so we provide plenty of flexible opportunities that can be fulfilled during the day, evening, or weekends. No matter your interest, there are plenty of ways to give back, whether you clean a local beach with us, prepare meals at home for a local shelter, or weed one of our gardens at any time that works for your schedule.  Whether you’d like to volunteer from home, in our office, or out in the community, you’ll find plenty of ways to make a difference every day with SPUR!

How did SPUR get started? SPUR was founded in 2014 (we’re about to turn 10!) when founder Jocelyn Cook was having trouble finding meaningful volunteer opportunities for her family. All the organizations she contacted asked for long-term commitment, required extensive training, or weren’t open to families with young children. Thus, the idea for an organization that removes those barriers and connects volunteers directly with ways to make the biggest impact was born! 

What types of projects does SPUR have coming up? SPUR has a variety of ongoing opportunities, including our 4 community gardens. These gardens grow over 1,000 pounds of delicious organic fruit and veggies for local food pantries and group homes, thanks to volunteers who weed, water, harvest, or deliver. Not into gardening? Volunteer with us to distribute food at a local food pantry, make a meal for a local shelter, serve dinner at the local shelter or pick up food from Crosby’s or Shubie’s that would otherwise be thrown away and deliver it to a local organization that fights food insecurity. We have opportunities to create pillowcases for our Holiday Cheer Drive, which provides nearly 600 adults experiencing homelessness and children in our community with holiday gifts.  Whether you already know how or you want to learn a new skill, we’ll provide you with the directions and support you need to participate in any of our activities, from gardening to sewing and so much more! 

Right now we are hosting our annual Student Success Drive. This drive provides nearly 700 backpacks and school supplies to children in our community who wouldn’t otherwise have them on the first day of school. We’re looking for sponsors to help us purchase all those necessary supplies and volunteers to fill the backpacks! We work with local social service providers, guidance counselors, case workers, and other social service providers to identify backpack recipients. You can sponsor supplies or a backpack at

How can the community of Marblehead become involved? Everyone is welcome at SPUR! We like to say that whether you’re 4 or 94, there’s a place for you here. Learn more about all of our volunteer opportunities and sign up online Consider donating to our mission and helping to SPUR Good Deeds.  

For More Information:

Meet Marblehead All-Sports Boosters

Meet Marblehead All-Sports Boosters

Photo (left to right): Kathy Doody, Lauren Andriano, Muffy Paquette, Mandy Caruso, Kristen Jellison

Tell us about Marblehead All-Sports Boosters. The mission of the Boosters is to support the needs of ALL Marblehead High School’s athletic teams, to enhance and promote athletic achievement and school spirit, provide athletic scholarships for deserving student-athletes, and to contribute to new ideas for athletic success. We bridge the gap between the athletic office and the needs of all the teams. We also provide scholarships to graduating student athletes. 

Who runs the Boosters? The Boosters is run by a group of amazing volunteers of nearly 50 fabulous women! The executive board consists of Muffy Paquette (Outgoing President), Mandy Caruso (Incoming President), Kristen Jellison, Allie Donovan, Lauren Andriano, and Kathy Doody. 

What types of projects have the Boosters worked on? Some of our bigger projects include a state of the art fitness center, new tennis courts, a new snack shed and end zone netting. We also donate things like swim caps, football helmets, volleyballs, etc. Our next mission is to raise the funds needed to replace the turf at Piper field. You can learn more about our projects by watching our “Boosters Through the Years” video at

How can the community of Marblehead become involved or help your mission? The community can help support our initiatives with financial support.  Also, we’re always looking for help staffing the snack shed for athletic events. And of course, all are welcome to join our Boosters team! Please contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected]

What’s up next for the Boosters? This summer we will be kicking off our next big fundraiser. The lifespan of a turf field is typically 10 years and we are currently beyond that at Marblehead High School.. At a price tag of approximately $800,000 our goal is to raise the necessary funds to replace the turf next summer (2024). It’s the biggest project we’ve tackled to date. The turf is used for football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, conditioning and so much more. We’re  confident we can meet our goal  with the support of the generous people in our community. Donations can be made at

For More Information:
Marblehead All-Sports Boosters
[email protected]

Meet the Driftwood Garden Club

Meet the Driftwood Garden Club

Tell us about Driftwood Garden Club and how it got started. The Driftwood Garden Club was founded in 1952 as a volunteer, non-profit organization by a group of women in Marblehead who were looking to offer a social service making and delivering floral arrangements to hospitals and dwellers of tenement buildings in Boston. Throughout the ensuing years, the club engaged in many different civic beautification projects including sprucing up Town properties for the Bicentennial in 1976.

What are some of the gardening projects you work on in Marblehead? In 1990, the Abbot Public Library did a building renovation and club members saw an opportunity to create beautiful gardens in what had been a construction debris dump site so the Library grounds became our main civic project. Within the brick walls, the Secret Garden came to life offering a space for quiet retreat and a safe haven for children. Max’s Garden and an aquarium garden followed a few years later bringing much enjoyment to children and their families visiting the Library. In 2018, the Old Marblehead Improvement Association  presented the club with an award for “Outstanding Non-Profit Organization” in Marblehead. For over thirty years, the club has continued to renovate, plant and maintain all the outdoor landscaped areas of the library property using funds we raise at our annual Plant Sale in May. While the library is closed during the current renovation project , the club is providing landscaping and garden maintenance help at Farrell Court for the elderly and disabled residents who live there. We also recently planted hundreds of daffodils at Memorial Park.

What are some of the programs and events the Club works on throughout the year? Are there any events coming up soon we should know about? Throughout the months when we cannot work outside, the club offers a wide variety of educational programs presented by garden experts. We also join with the other garden clubs in town to decorate the King Hooper Mansion of the Marblehead Arts Association for the holidays in December. In the summer months , some of our members make floral arrangements for the Marblehead Museum’s Lee Mansion. Before our Plant Sale on May 13 at the Masonic Hall, club members will join in “Dig and Divide” when we take plants from gardens all over town to offer them to the public. 

What are the benefits of being a member of Driftwood Garden Club? And how does one become a member? We have a wonderful website people can visit at to learn about all our programs and fun events as well as find information about becoming a member. Member benefits include making many new friends while working together to provide beautification of our town properties. Our popular social events include the annual Cocktail Party with spouses and partners, special workshops to learn flower-arranging and DIY projects and participating in travel opportunities to visit gardens elsewhere. For our 65th and 70th birthdays, the club celebrated with two trips to England to experience stunning gardens and the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.

As the current President, why is the Driftwood Garden Club so important to you? As Historian and current President, I have thoroughly enjoyed my many years in the Driftwood Garden Club. I have learned so much about gardening and environmental issues and made lifelong friends with a love for making the world more beautiful. What better way to enjoy life than getting our hands dirty in the garden, having fun learning about the natural world , socializing with old and new friends while offering service to our beloved community of Marblehead.

For More Information:
Driftwood Garden Club
Current President: Ginny von Rueden

Just Stick It

Just Stick It

Don’t you just love a great looking sticker? We do! And we’re pretty excited about our new Discover Marblehead bumper stickers! Best of all, we love driving around Marblehead and seeing our stickers on the back of cars!

You know you want one! Here are a few options to purchase one (or two):

  • Stop by Creative Spirit at 80 Washington St.
  • Visit Lizzy Loo & Friends at 108 Washington St.
  • Contact Us directly at [email protected]

Our online shop will be Coming Soon!  Also, this community means a lot to us, so $1.00 from every sticker sale will be donated to the Marblehead Food Pantry!

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