Tell us about Mark Katz Photography. I launched my photography business in 2013, finally investing time and energy into something I had always been interested in. I was asked to take headshots for a law firm and things went well, so I went with the flow, further honed those skills and a business was born. Over time, I gravitated towards my true passion, landscape photography, which is what my business has evolved into entirely now. My artwork is split between Marblehead/Swampscott and Vermont. Broadly speaking, I think of photography not only as a personal outlet, but an immersive outdoor experience, and a means of conveying, accentuating or at times, creating a mood. Ultimately, I want investors of my artwork to experience the enjoyment and perspective that I am able to enjoy behind the lens. 

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? “Keep as little inventory as possible”. I must credit my wife with this great advice. I figure nothing bad can come from publicly telling my wife she’s right. In hindsight, I probably printed too many photos in the earlier days and wound up with excess inventory. Now, most of my artwork is made to order, either via social media or my website.

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead, and why? My favorite spot in Marblehead is Plus Cafe. I am a regular there and love everything about the establishment. My 2 year old son usually accompanies me and it has become a special place for us to hang out together. My favorite spot to shoot in Marblehead is a toss up between the dozens of locations that offer so many unique views of water, boats and town structures. Devereux is my indicator for where to find the best light, and at times has determined where I choose to shoot. 

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? For a long time, photography played second fiddle to my career as a scientist in drug discovery-biology.

For More Information:
Mark Katz Photography
[email protected] or 518-421-7175



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