Tell us about Relux Decor and why you started it. I established Relux Decor in 2015 after providing personal, interior styling consulting, to friends and family for years. I believe interior design should be accessible to people with any project scope and budget. I’m also passionate about getting homeowners the most amount of money for their home when they want to sell. I specialize in home preparation consultations for sellers to help get their photographs MLS ready, resulting in higher traffic, more offers, and increased financial outcome.  

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? “Believe in yourself”. Although it seems straightforward, sometimes as a business owner it’s difficult. When faced with obstacles or failures, it’s easy to start doubting oneself. I discovered that being successful as an entrepreneur requires having a strong sense of self belief.  

What is your favorite spot in Marblehead, and why? My little home near Redd’s Pond. I’m reminded every day how far I’ve come and how lucky I am to be surrounded by such history and beauty. Spending time with my son, Elliot, and my dog, Finnegan, fulfill me the most. I also happen to have the best neighbors in all of Marblehead (including the ducks).

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? I come from a family with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. My family boasts a legacy of successful businesswomen, with ventures like Jambu, Ocean House Surf, Lomac Designs, and Yoga Bohdi, which were all created and owned by my aunts and cousins.

Relux Decor Interior Styling & Home Staging
Ashley O’Shea
(781) 979-6532


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