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Lees-on Life

High on a hill in Marblehead with peeks of the Atlantic ocean, you can spot a beautiful greenhouse. It’s really lovely, as are the owners you will find inside growing a cornucopia of fresh and delicious veggies and greens. I had the pleasure of meeting with Lolli and Bob Leeson earlier this spring and learned a lot about their business and their passion for growing healthy organic food. 

Lees-on Life is their name and healthy living is their game. They’re experts in tower gardening, which I learned uses only 10% of the water needed for traditional farming and vertically produces more food per square foot than on land. They are able to have, at their fingertips, vine ripened food all year long. You can’t get any fresher than that. Tower gardens are a self contained, sustainable system that can also include grow lights for indoor use.

Lolli and “Farmer Bob” use the hydroponic Tower Gardens as an empowering teaching tool to help people take control of their food and health and share their knowledge freely. Take my word for it, they are about the most lovely and kind people you could meet. To tour their greenhouse and hear their story is a true delight. Check it out!

Lees-on Life

(781) 820-0942


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