Artist Spotlight

Kiki Taron Kinney, QuitsaKiki Designs

As I pulled up to the workshop studio of Kiki Taron Kinney, owner of QuitsaKiki Designs, I was welcomed with a friendly smile. Entering her space, I was instantly curious about the wide variety of tools and selection of fine metals. Metalwork is fascinating, and from my perspective, maybe a little dangerous! In addition to the hand tools she uses to craft metal into art, she works with fuel tanks, flames, and sharp blades! Oh, my!
Kiki thoughtfully demonstrated a few of the techniques she uses to create her beautiful pieces. I watched intently as she worked fine silver strands into a Soumak weave, which is a fiber rug technique from Azerbaijan. It is a meticulous and beautiful process. The most fascinating thing I learned while watching her work is that every weave, raindrop link and barbel chain is shaped by hand. This work is time consuming, but she thoroughly enjoys it. In addition to admiring her fine jewelry, I also loved seeing her playful jelly fish! Kiki has also recently added working with colorful alcohol inks to her portfolio. She likens it to a meditative process.
Kiki began in metal work at the DeCordova School and has been creating for over 20 years. She loves tools, learning new techniques, and demonstrating her works in progress face-to-face. She has collected loads of ribbons and awards for her work. She is involved in the Marblehead Arts Association, The Festival of the Arts, and the Public Art Committee. She is wonderful to talk to and so talanted. I hope you have the opportunity to meet her at an upcoming gallery or market! You will love her and her work.

Kiki Taron Kinney, QuitsaKiki


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