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Approaching the historic and photogenic Unitarian Universalist Church on Mugford Street, I was greeted by the founder and board member of the Me&Thee Coffeehouse (now Me&Thee Music), Anthony Silva. I’ve always been curious and this informative visit inside was a real treat for me. Anthony is warm and eager to share the story of how this volunteer run music venue came to be. His enthusiasm is contagious. 

I learned the Me&Thee was born in 1970, and has grown to be one of the oldest and most respected acoustic venues in the United States. The interesting part? There is not one single paid employee. It’s been driven by a community of passionate volunteers since the beginning. It feels intimate and cozy, yet it accommodates up to 200 people. Oh, and the acoustics are amazing and the architecture of this historic building is gorgeous! Known as a folk music venue, its Friday night concerts have expanded into other genres as well.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to learn more about the Me&Thee. It’s a feel-good place that welcomes live music fans of all ages. Their website is a great place to learn more. Check out their 53rd season lineup, which starts on September 9th, and grab some tickets for an upcoming show. Hope to see you there!

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Me&Thee Music

28 Mugford Street, Marblehead MA

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